Rekey Services with Delta Locksmith in Dallas

Providing residential locksmith services to Dallas residences is an important job. Every home needs security against intruders, and even the most basic physical security can make all the difference. Here at Delta Locksmith, we and our network of affiliates have been bringing the best in physical security to the homes of Dallas for many years. We and our licensed affiliates are glad to serve as a part of this community. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, we’re here for you in a pinch with emergency lock picking and on the spot key cutting. We’re also always ready to provide quality locksmith maintenance services like a lock change or rekey.

Lock Change and Rekey Service

A lock change service is a full replacement service where the locks in the house are swapped out and replaced by an entirely new appliance. This kind of service is important for a home where the ownership has recently changed or the locks have broken and will no longer physically lock or keep the doors shut.

A rekey service can be conducted on your regular locks as well as master key systems. Rekey refers to a mechanical change made within the actual lock. An expert like those on our team at Delta Locksmith will take apart the existing lock and make slight changes in the configuration of the pins contained within. This means that only a new key can be used to turn the lock. Rekey services are great for locks that are perhaps decorative or original to the house, which should be preserved for aesthetics but improved for safety’s sake. Rekey services are also good if the keys in your home are getting worn down or haven’t been refreshed in many years.

Always Professional

Though there are many tasks that you can attempt as a DIY-er, we always advise Dallas homeowners to allow professional locksmiths to take care of their security. There are many small details that should be observed and cared for, and that is what we do as professionals. Our technicians are highly trained and well equipped; they can cut keys on the spot, pick locks, and provide repairs to many locks as well. We and our network of affiliates will respond to any call for emergency help within a fast response time, and each technician can provide identification so you feel secure. Delta Locksmith is your professional locksmith with honest and affordable pricing policies! Count on Delta for your rekeying and lock change services.