The best door security service in Dallas

Door security is a huge issue throughout the Dallas area. Break-ins occur vastly due to a lack of security that a home or business’s door provides. Why does this happen? Many times, the issue arises from the lack of quality in materials used in construction, and in the choice of locks. Because of these issues, burglaries happen all too frequently. A burglar may be able to pick or break the lock, or more often, may be able to simply open the door by applying enough force. This may shatter the door, depending on what the door is made of, or it may break the door frame. In any of these scenarios, the burglar is able to bypass the door security you have in place.

Typical doors are made from solid wood (a higher quality door), metal skinned wood-edged doors, metal edge-wrapped doors, or panel doors. Each of these has a different level of quality. Each of them either raises or lowers the risk of someone breaking the door depending on which one you choose. Raising the risk of a burglary is the choice of a lock, which is installed on your door. If they are not high quality, a burglar may be able to easily break the lock.

How are locks bypassed or broken by burglars?

Most thieves are able to break the lock or bypass it using tools such as a crowbar or screwdriver. Sometimes, they don’t even have to use a tool. This is because many homes and businesses feel that a strong deadbolt is only needed on the front door. The burglar, therefore, moves from door to door until he finds one without a deadbolt. The break-in is then much easier.

Delta Locksmith in Dallas and their network of licensed affiliates experts wants residents of the area to be aware of these issues since many burglaries are preventable. Door security is an important issue because that security can easily be improved.

How can door security be improved?

In many cases, simply choosing higher quality materials when a building is constructed can help prevent entry by making it harder to break the door itself. If the building is already constructed and you are concerned about improving door security, we and our network of affiliates recommend that you consider buying a newer door that’s made from higher quality materials. You can also choose to have high-quality deadbolts installed on every door in your building.

Additionally, you can have devices called door strike reinforcers installed. When someone kicks or hits your door with tremendous force, these devices are designed to help prevent the door frame from splitting. We and our licensed affiliates also recommend installing an alarm system. This way, if someone does bypass your door security, the police are notified and there is the chance that the burglar can be caught before making off with your possessions.