Tips for Protecting Your House

Original Tips for Protecting Your House

These days, the security of your own home has never been more important, what with the new tricks and plots burglars and robbers have been developing to get into someone else’s house. House break-ins are rattling and stressful, so to protect your house from being the next target, here a few tips and tricks from keeping your house safe from robberies.

Make sure your door locks are all working from both the inside and out of your house. Jammed locks will be easier to unlock by picking, so have your door locks replaced or repaired if you find that they’ve become faulty from usage. Have additional locks installed, too, such as barrel bolts, that will make access from outside impossible? This is especially important for your front and back doors.

Be a little more creative than hiding your key under the doormat. We and our network of affiliates seen this trend in all the movies that have ever been released since the beginning of time, so please, please, please, refrain from leaving a front door key under the doormat. Chances are, these are the first hiding places the robbers are going to expect the keys to be, so they’ll check these first. Be smart in hiding your spare key, and make sure it’s hard to reach and only you and your family members know how to get it. If not necessary, avoid leaving a spare lying around your house, or give one to your (trusted) neighbors for safekeeping and in the case of emergencies.

Have a CCTV camera installed. It doesn’t have to be fancy or covering all the perimeters around your house. One or two cameras are enough, for the front door and backyard, if possible. When spotted, CCTV cameras will make any robber think twice about breaking in your house for fear of being caught. CCTV camera installations are affordable and easy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about the fancy, sophisticated technology that you usually associate with security cameras.

Has an alarm system installed? To take it one notch higher, have an alarm system installed so as to alert you (or your neighbors, if you’re not around) of robbers who’ve already tried breaking into one of your doors. This is the safest way to go about things because it alerts anyone in the immediate area of the danger at hand.

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