Lock & Key brands

What Top Lock & Key brands there are?

Read Delta Locksmith’s guide to learn which lock and key brands are the most popular and best performing. We and our network of affiliates will also take you through some key features about the top brands and their specialties.

YALE: This company is one of the longest established; since 1845. They made the first compact cylinder pick lock. It is a very well-known and trusted brand name internationally and has a good reputation for performance, security and innovation.

WEISER LOCKS: This company specializes in aesthetic locks, handles and adornments for interiors and exteriors, and also offers a range of innovative product development of high quality fashion Doorware™. Weiser is also the creator and manufacturer of a touchpad electronic deadbolt that is made especially for service personal access. Unsurprisingly, Weiser is popular with celebrities who have the need for staff to enter and exit freely!

MASTER LOCK: This is probably familiar and popular brand in the U.S. as Master Lock is used in virtually every American home, business, school and countless other locations. They are secure and authentic in their design, having made high quality locks and security products since 1921. It is also the largest global maker of padlocks!

KWIKSET: This company has one of the best reputations when it comes to strong, hardwearing and secure door hardware. Kwikset manufactures residential door locks and hardware, with a special focus on deadbolts, door knobs, keyless entry locks and door levels. Reputable locksmiths and locksmith companies are sure to carry the Kwikset line, which rivals Master Lock in popularity. It is the second most popular lock & key brand in the U.S.

SENTRY: This name is also synonymous with security at its highest level Sentry are lock and safe specialists, with a line of incredibly secure safes that are very popular and effective for protecting valuables, guns or other items that should be locked and stored away securely.

AMERICAN LOCK: This company specializes in locks for industrial and outdoor security purposes and specialist padlocks. American Lock is great for valuables such as boats, hunting, fishing tackle and other items that need to remain outdoors securely.