Tips on How to Form a Neighborhood Watch

How to Form a Neighborhood Watch

In today’s modern age, it is not uncommon to feel unsafe at times, even at the confines of your own home and in your own neighborhood. If you feel a bit unsafe walking the streets of your neighborhood it can affect your quality of life. One thing you can do is to form a neighborhood watch. This is quite a popular solution as it enhances that sense of community both in you and in your neighbors, and it will help you and your family to feel safe again. Here are some tips on how to successfully do so.

Start a campaign

Go to your neighbor’s house and talk with them about the subject. Try reaching to their personal experience with crime at the area. Ask them if they are willing to sign a petition to form a neighborhood watch. After getting your neighbors on board speak out at the next neighborhood board meeting and explain why this subject is important.

Be a pro

Ask your local police department to provide assistance with what needs to be done to get started. After getting the entire information you need, pass it on to your neighbors. Prepare information leaflets that emphasize the need for a neighborhood watch and invite the neighbors to a meeting on the subject. Organize a large meeting place to accommodate all the people that you expect to come.  At the meeting, show details and statistics about crime in your area to show why it is needed.

Be organized

After the meeting is over, designate some of the volunteers as block captains or leaders. Make a schedule for training, shifts, and monthly meetings. After everything is set it is recommended to register your group with This organization will give you access to information and support on the subject. Another organization that can assist you is the National Neighborhood Watch Institute (NNWI). You can receive a kit including signs, emergency handbooks, and other aids which will help you to operate the watch group more professionally and effectively.