Everything You Need To Know About Window Security

Nowadays it’s imperative that everybody has basic knowledge on tightening the security around their house doors and windows because these are the first places burglars usually attempt to break to get inside a house. Since they would automatically assume that windows and doors are weaker than the other parts of the house, prove these burglars and thieves wrong by putting extra security to your windows without making it look obvious.

Some people may normally suggest putting metal bars or permanently closing shut your windows so that it would be impossible to get through them. However, this tip defeats the purpose of having a window in the first place—you normally want to open them during the hot summer months to let the breeze through. With that said, how would it be possible to strengthen the security of your windows without compromising its functionality and aesthetic appeal?

A Two-Step Procedure to Thief-Proofing Your Windows

The answer comes in two simple steps: putting alarm sensors on exterior security screens and reinforcing the glass with security laminate film.

This two-step procedure not only detects the intrusion, but also delays it once it occurs.

Turn Your Screens Into Alarm Sensors

By putting exterior security screen sensors on your window screens, detection becomes quicker because an alarm will start to sound the moment someone tries to cut through the screen to get to the glass window. This alternative is better than motion sensors inside the house, because they only sound the alarm after someone’s already gotten through the window by breaking it. Detecting an intrusion at the earliest opportunity easily discourages burglars because the sound of the alarm will alert you, the neighbors, and the police.

Reinforce The Glass With Security Laminate Film

Putting a security laminate film on all your house windows will hold them together once burglars start to break them. Instead of breaking into large shards of glass, your window will create spiderweb-like cracks that will make it harder for your intruder to get inside your house. This delays the intrusion and buys you more time to alert authorities.